Galloway Bulls
RPG Dagger
RPG Dagger
RPG Maynard
RPG Tommy
RPG Achote
RPG Yeoman
Our stock is raised on pasture, forages and hay, we feed zero grain.
We keep bulls that thrive in an adaptive grazing program.

Our pastures can be very high in protien and water certain times of the season, other times our cattle are expected to graze down deep into mature August pastures to glean out the good stuff and trample the rest. We are looking for the Galloways that utilize what the natural grazing system provides.

Maintaining our grazing paddocks in a vegetative state all of the time requires too much input from the tractors, equipment and fuel so we look for the cattle that can graze mature forages just as well as the prime offerings.
RPG Brigadoon
RPG FERNANDO        Grand Champion Galloway Bull        World Beef Expo 2019
  Yearling bull
RPG FLETCH        Grand Champion Galloway Bull           World Beef Expo 2020

2 Yr. old  Frame 3+ close to a 4    FOR SALE Fall 2020                                  

Sire: H5 Prince 28D

F5 Forager Prince

Dam: H5 Lucy

DOB 5-2-2018

Frame 3 bull

Bulls we have raised are not fed any grains. Pasture & hay only.*
RPG Finn of Gale
B10 Beatnik
RPG Achote
RPG Ballyhoo
C2  Chico
RPG Dagger
F6 RPG Fernando
RPG Brigadoon
RPG Achote
RPG Brigadoon 24 mos
F5 Forager
F1 RPG Fletch
Photo collection of Good Ol' Boys from past seasons
Current young bulls

F5 Forager Prince

May 8, 2020

RPG Denali's Shadow

June 2020

Frame 3 bull

Sire: RPG Denali's Shadow

RPG Galahad

Dam: RPG Fern W9

Birth weight 83 lbs.

DOB May 2019

Yearling bull out of a bigger framed cow and a smaller framed bull so he should end up somewhere in the middle.
We'll just let him grow up on natural diet of hay this winter and pasture next summer.

FOR SALE Fall 2020

Galahad won
Reserve Champion Galloway Bull at the World Beef Expo
this September 2020

RPG Fernando 2 yr. old out grazing on fall rye October 2020
He's a frame 3+ close to a 4
nice muscling but was a big calf so would reccommend using him on mature cows.

FOR SALE Fall 2020