Galloway Bulls
DOB: 8/11/2014

Sire: RPG Yeoman

B7  Brigadoon

Dam: RPG Moxie

Frame: 4

Hip Height:  50.75" @ 22 mos.

RPG Dagger
RPG Dagger
RPG Yeoman
RPG Maynard
RPG Tommy
B7  8-16-17     
Bar R Zeke
2016-17 Herd Sire
RPG Amigo
"That's about as good as it gets" said the vet as he came away from the microscope.

Sire: RPG Brigadoon

D9 "Delbert"

Dam: RPG Angelica

DOB 10-4-2016

Sire: RPG Amigo

C2 Chico

Dam: RPG Zinia

DOB 5-2-2015

PPG Chautauqua
RPG Coulee
2 yr. old SOLD
2 yr. old SOLD

Sire: RPG Brigadoon

D11 "Druid"

Dam: RPG MInnehaha

pictured @10 Mos.

DOB 10-19-2016

Sire: RPG Yeoman

D1 "Denali"

Dam: RPG Rojo

pictured @ 15 Mos.

DOB 4-20-2016

Already snuck into the heifer pasture once

He's going to be a long one.

Bulls we have raised are not fed any grains. Pasture & hay only.