100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef

  The Galloway's beef has a deep rich beefy flavor. Grassfed Galloway beef is naturally lean and juicy. High in
Omega 3 fatty acid and B vitamins, our beef is the perfect lean protein.

  We sell our beef in bulk by the stock quarters or custom half and whole, contact us for current pricing, availability
and pick-up or delivery options.
  Our beef is also available by the cut under our Root Prairie Grassfed label. We stock our 100% grassfed
ground beef here on the farm and locally at the Parkway Market grocery store in Lanesboro, MN. Check with      Jennifer at the store if there is an item you would like to purchase but do not see on the shelf.
  You can also enjoy our Galloway beef at LosGables Mexican Restaurant on Hwy 52 in Fountain, MN for Mexican
specialties made with our locally raised grass fed beef, where else are you going to find that!

"We and our son have a Holland grill and we have fantastic results with cooking meat on it.
The Grill actually steams also. We had your steak over the weekend and hamburger several times       and both were excellent. Juicy and wonderful tasting". 

"Your meat has been an answer to a long search for us. We are thankful we have found you."
Jim & Diane K.
Winona, MN

Pastured poultry

The broilers that we raise every summer are "Freedom Rangers". These delightful birds are very healthy and active, bred for vigor, flavor and high quality meat. The chicks arrive in beautiful condition every year and are out in the sunshine as fast as we can get them out there. We have never started our chicks on medicated feed, and are often met with puzzled looks from all the people who just assume that's what you have to do.
We usually open the door for them to explore the outdoors at about a week of age as long as there is some nice sunshine for warmth. As they grow our management practices are to: 1. Open the chicken house door in the morning and let them out to mill around wherever they like all day 2. Feed them non medicated & nonGMO feed two or three times a day outside and give them plenty of fresh, clean water. 3. Close the chicken house door after we check on them at dusk to see that they've all gone inside.
The Freedom Rangers enjoy a very good life of hunting bugs, sunbathing, grazing, yes they eat grass & clover and taking it easy out in the shade. That's how we raise our broilers.

Please contact us early if you would like some of our broilers as they have been growing in popularity and we want to make sure we raise enough for everybody who wants them.

Galloway hair-on cow hides

      If you love fur this is some of the nicest. In the early 1900's Galloway hides were sewn into full length fur coats and available by mail order through Sears, Roebuck & Co. We keep a select few of these hides and have them tanned locally. These hair on cow hides are warm and luxurious, the fur is thick and velvet soft. Lay them out on the floor as a beautiful rug or to cover an ottoman, headboard, throw pillow or favorite reading chair.
Contact us to have a custom Galloway hide covered chair built and you'll be sure to add a bold accent. Remember, these are American grown & locally tanned hides.

​        Brad's Custom Built Furniture 
Contact us at:  hodgsonranch@aol.com
Livestock Portraits

Custom portraits of your livestock or pets

Contact us: hodgsonranch@aol.com
"Freedom Rangers"