Welcome to our woodworking shop Craft page
This page is a bridge between our two enterprises, one being Galloway cattle and grassfed beef and the other Hodgson Custom Woodworking.
Take a look and if there is a unique item you'd like built please feel free to contact us at:  hodgsonranch@aol.com
Wrap around the corner staircase and railing.
A cabin remodel where we removed the old open ladder stairs from the center of the room and built a new staircase along the wall to open up the space.
This happened when someone brought in their wooden toy from when they were a child and said "can you make one like this? "
Birch and Walnut rocking cradle
Decorative shelving unit for antiques with reused barn steel.

Corrugated steel looks great in a lot of applications.
"I'd really like a picnic table, can you build me one like this?"
TOH magazine project, complete with cutlist!

We used to get magaizine pictures a lot now we get pintrest photos.
Arts & Crafts style side table
We needed a show box for Milwaukee so we hit that dusty pile of walnut that we hauled home from an auction one hot summer day.

Our neighbor probably still regrets coming with us that day.
Walnut just looks good without even trying.      
First we did a rocking horse like the one they had, and then we did a rocking moose with Galloway hair for the head and tail.
The moose went to Eagle Bluff's silent auction fundraiser
Wall display cabinet made from barns boards off of our old barn
old pine board  (from another auction) out of a grainery turned craft show item
This is a cabinet that we built to replace the chimney we removed from the corner.
Natural cherry floor to ceiling lighted display cabinet for some of those family heirloom dishes that would otherwise be packed away in totes.

You can be assured those pieces of wood didn't look like that when they first arrived at our shop.
"We had this old tree that was in our yard cut up, can you make us a couple benches from the slabs of wood?"
Barnwood and black cherry frame for three photos.
Oak and Glass, a match made in heaven.
Locking, lighted display case made for an estate sale company to use at sales for jewelry and small valuables.