Galloway Cows and Heifers
DOB: 9/1/2005
Birth weight: ---

Sire: Sholto M9

RPG Gallant Ina 7R "Lady"

Dam: Bar R Gallant Ina 10M

Hip height:  53"

DOB: 6/25/2009
Birth weight: ---

Sire: RPG Tommy

RPG Fern (W9) "Biscuit"

Dam: RPG Fern (S1)

Hip height:  54.5"


P3 Wily
RPG Kelpie
Gallant Ina 4S
Bar R Gallant Ina 7J
DOB: 6/5/2012
Birth weight: 80

Sire: RPG Dagger

Z1 "Zelda"

Dam: Gallant Ina 4S

Hip height: 52.75"

DOB: 9/7/2012
Birth weight: 80

Sire: RPG Dagger

Z7 RPG Zinia "Cookie"

Dam: RPG Fern W9 "Biscuit"

Hip height: 49.75"

A Good Read:

"The Basis of Linebreeding

A Practical Guide With Illustrations"

by J.H. Lents
Indiahoma, OK 73552
DOB: 6/17/2013
Birth weight: 72

Sire: RPG Dagger

A7 "Minnehaha"

Dam: RPG RoJo

Hip height:  N/A

Reg pending

M-Ha's 1st Calf 83 Lb. bull out of Yeoman, no problems no assistance, she's barely 1000 lbs. herself.
Grand Dam
Grand Daughter
Foundation Cows
Bar R Fern
April 25, 2017
DOB: 7/17/2010
Birth weight: 78

Sire: RPG Dagger

RPG Avalon Mist

Dam: RPG Tres Jolie

Hip height:  N/A


Lady at 12 yrs.
P6 Moxie
DOB: 10/9/2016

Birth weight: 78

Sire: RPG Ballyhoo


Dam: RPG Penney

12-2-17  First day in Minnesota
H5 Bright Gale

H5 Lucy

H5 Ashley

the three sisters,
Corn, Squash & Beans

We are really happy to welcome three very nice young cows from H5 in Wyoming!

They fit right in with the herd and seem familiar with our wintering program of hay, water, salt and minerals.

Easy going and quiet, we're looking forward to the interjection of their genetics into our family of Galloways.

Cows we have raised are fed no grain. Pasture & hay only.
Reserve Champion
Galloway Heifer

2019 World Beef Expo

DOB: 5-1-2018

Sire: RPG Brigadoon

RPG Frida

Dam: RPG Fern (W9)

DOB: 8-24-17

Birth weight: 70

Sire: RPG Achote

E8 "Bonnie"

Dam: RPG Avalon Mist

DOB: 5-15-17

Birth weight: rather large

Sire: RPG Brigadoon

E5 "Jetty"

Dam: RPG Gallant Ina 7R "Lady"

DOB: 4-27-19

Sire: RPG Denali's Shadow

G5 Heifer

Dam: RPG Zelda

BW: 65

DOB: 4-20-19

Sire: RPG Denali's Shadow

G4 Heifer

Dam: H5 Lucy

BW: 67

DOB: 5-13-19

Sire: RPG Denali's Shadow

G7 Heifer

Dam: H5 Bright Gale

BW: 74

DOB: 6-7-19

Sire: RPG Denali's Shadow

G9 Heifer

Dam: H5 Ashley

BW: 89

DOB: 6-12-19

Sire: Bar R Dunbar (reg.pending)

G10 Heifer

Dam: RPG Minnehaha

BW: 54

RPG Francie
F3  heifer out of Zinia
RPG Franconia
DOB: 4-23-17

Birth weight: 79

Sire: RPG Brigadoon

E1 "Eleanor"

Dam: RPG Zinea