Root Prairie Galloways raises purebred American Galloways. We are a sustainably managed grass and livestock farm located in the Bluff Country of Southeastern Minnesota.

We are Grass finishers and sell our meats directly to the consumer, a high quality flavorful end product is important to our sucess.

We chose Galloways for their ability to produce quality beef in a low input grazing system, known for being easy keepers the moderate sized Galloway can thrive where some other bigger framed higher maintenance cattle would require more supplementation or inputs to stay in condition. We already know that you can get what appears to be big results with big inputs, to big cows.

The Galloway's heartiness and feed effeciency translates into profitability, our Galloways give us excellent results with reasonable inputs on our farm, keeping us competitive in the Grass fed beef market.

Galloway has no breed-up program our genetics are Pure.

American Galloway Breeders Association
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